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Χαρούμενος πελάτης με την μεσίτριά του

When the speed of sale matters

Mr Gerasimos, the owner of the apartment, left many years ago for Germany, where he is a permanent resident. He wanted to cash out immediately in order to make another purchase, but his great concern was how to do this.

He was afraid of the bureaucracy, the lack of professionalism of the “real estate agents” he had contacted and naturally ended up with the best real estate agency in Athens.

We promised Mr. Gerasimos that everything will be fine and that he doesn’t have to worry about anything but to book a ticket from Munich to Athens in time in order to be in the contracts. In fact, and without publicly advertising the property, through our list of evaluated and ready buyers, we chose Ms. Fotini, namesake of our TOP Real Estate Agent, and in just one day we closed the deal.

With the engineers of our office we immediately issued all the necessary certificates for the transaction, we coordinated with the notary and another successful and quick sale of property was completed with smiles.

We thank Mr. Gerasimos for the trust, for the gifts he gave us and for the huge glasses of beer 🍺 he brought us from Germany and we assure him that we will use them 😀 We also thank Mrs. Fotini for the excellent cooperation and we wish her all the best.

The greatest satisfaction for us is our smiling customers, who are our best advertisers.

Μεσίτρια με αγοράστρια και πωλητή διαμερίσματος

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Call me back Service

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