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Living in a Maisonette

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The maisonette, or duplex apartment, is a very common type of residence in Greece, which consists of two or more levels and it is usually located in apartment buildings, or in complexes of houses, next to each other (inter-row), but it can also be a completely independent residence with its own garden or terrace, within a plot of land, in which case it resembles a detached house.

Μεζονέτα τι είναι

The first and main level of the maisonette, where the main entrance is usually located, may consist of a living room, kitchen, dining room and W.C., while the second level includes the bedrooms and bathrooms, or office space. In addition, they often have a basement or semi-basement space, also known as a play room, attic and garage. Maisonettes are generally larger than apartments and offer more space and independence to their residents. Finally, the term maisonette comes from the French word “mezzanine”, which means intermediate level.

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Μεζονέτα προέλευση λέξης

Maisonette Advantages

The maisonette as a residence has many advantages.

  • Maisonettes usually have more space compared to a standard apartment.
  • As bedrooms and personal spaces are usually located on the upper level, residents can have more privacy and quiet.
  • Due to the multiple levels, maisonettes offer more flexibility in interior design, allowing residents to adapt the space to their own needs.
  • Depending on their design and placement within the plot, they can give the feeling of a detached house, but without being so expensive.
  • Most of the time they have a terrace or garden, so they offer a recreational area for games, meetings, BBQ, etc.

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The professional real estate agents of our office can help you to sell or buy a maisonette, according to your desires, terms, criteria and price.

Maisonette disadvantages

Of course there are some disadvantages that the prospective buyer should take into account.

  • Most of the time, maisonettes are more expensive compared to standard single-level apartments within a block of flats.
  • Because the maisonettes have two levels or more, residents have to go up and down stairs, which can be difficult for people with mobility problems, especially if there is no lift.
  • Due to their larger size and multiple levels, maisonettes can have higher maintenance costs compared to basic apartments.
  • If the maisonettes within a complex are adjacent to each other and share the middle wall, there may be a noise problem from neighbours, as in an apartment in a block of flats.
Μεζονέτα τι σημαίνει

Generally in Greece, the maisonette in a residential complex is a very common and desirable housing option, but it is addressed to individuals and families who need enough space, independence, and at the same time have the financial comfort for its purchase and maintenance.

Want to sell or buy a maisonette?

The professional real estate agents of our office can help you to sell or buy a maisonette, according to your desires, terms, criteria and price.

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