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Fair Housing

Canopus P.C. fully supports the principles of fair housing, which generally prohibit discrimination against persons in the sale, lease, purchase, rental, exchange and any other related transactions or acts regarding real estate, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age and any disability.

In this policy, these will be referred to as “Protected Characteristics“. In addition, our company is required to comply, in all respects, with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the real estate industry, whether in Greece or in the European Union.

As a complement to the above, our company actively promotes and is committed to creating and supporting an environment of diversity in the real estate market, as we consider such a concept as a critical factor for our success.

Below are some examples of possible violations of the Fair Housing Policy:

  • Refusal to rent, sell, or show property, based on the Protected Characteristics, to a prospective tenant or buyer.
  • Demanding a higher price to a buyer, or tenant, because of the Protected Characteristic of the potential buyer, or tenant.
  • Refusing to rent to a tenant who has children, or pets, or increasing the guarantee, or rent, based on the number of children, or pets that will be living in the apartment.
  • Guiding potential tenants or buyers in certain areas, or neighborhoods, based on any Protected Characteristics.
  • Refusing to sell/rent to a potential buyer/renter, based on the source of their income, if it has been legally earned and is shown on their tax declarations to the relevant authority.
  • Discrimination based on Protected Characteristics at the instruction of a seller or landlord.
  • Refusal to rent to a tenant who is a victim of domestic violence.

The above Fair Housing Policy applies only to those persons who are legally present in the country in accordance with national laws and regulations, as defined for economic migrants, refugees, tourists, investors, etc.

More information on equal treatment and discrimination law can be found on the European Union’s website

If you have any concerns about the Fair Housing Policy of our company, feel free to contact us.

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