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A luxury house can be defined as a property that has a high level of aesthetics, amenities and functionality, and is made of high quality and expensive, or rare materials. Luxury can be an apartment, a maisonette, a villa (detached house), but even an office building or a hotel.

Πολυτέλεια - luxury house

Usually, luxury houses offer many amenities and infrastructures, such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms, cinema and a high level of security. Also, luxury houses are usually located in privileged and expensive areas, offering nice view and access to excellent landscapes, such us near the sea, greenery, or a city centre hot spot.

Obviously luxury houses are very expensive and require significant maintenance costs. Furthermore, buying a luxury house is difficult or even impossible for most people, because it requires high levels of income, or wealth.

Selling Luxury House?

Οur specialised in luxury homes Estate Agents, can help you sell your luxury house, according to your terms and desires. With discretion, professionalism and excellent knowledge of the local market, we will deliver the requested result quickly and with the maximum profit for you.

πολυτελή ακίνητα - luxury house

What does a luxury house offer?

  • High level of comfort and benefits.
  • Great locations and life style.
  • High levels of security and privacy.
  • It can be a reliable investment.

If you are not concerned about the high cost of buying and maintaining a luxury house and the extra tax is not a problem for you, contact us to discuss, not only your needs, but also your desires, and we will present you a list of selected luxury houses in the areas you prefer, with the discretion required by our demanding clientele.

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If you want to know more about Luxury Real Estate, we are ready to assist you quickly and with great pleasure. We undertake the evaluation of the current market price of your luxury home, whether you are a home buyer, or home seller.

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