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Ideas for your Terrace

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The terrace is a comfortable outdoor space of a house that allows access to the outside environment and the enjoyment of the view, while being an integral part of the house. It should generally not be confused with the balcony, which while offering the same features, it is actually a much smaller outdoor space, mainly in its width and it is found almost exclusively in apartment buildings.

Βεράντα - εξωτερικός χώρος

Sense of freedom

A small terrace can be 10 m2, while a large one can exceed 40 m2, depending of course of the size of the house. May be open on more than 2 sides or closed with one opening and may be fully or partially covered. Various furniture and decorative elements can be placed, in order to make life more comfortable for the residents and give a sense of freedom.

The terrace is an ideal place for relaxing and enjoying the view, for eating or drinking, but also for entertainment. In addition, it can significantly increase the value of the property and make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

A house with a terrace has many advantages. Some of them are the increase of usable living space, the increase of ventilation, the increase of lighting, the possibility of being used for entertainment and of course the increase in the value of the property.

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Βεράντα - ιδέες αξιοποίησης και χρήσης

Ideas for the utilisation and use of a terrace

By using heaters, you can use your terrace all year round, even during the winter months. You can even make a small garden and turn it into a green oasis. Let’s not forget the food. A terrace is ideal for BBQ and you can organise a meeting with your friends or just enjoy a quiet evening with your family. You can even use your terrace for exercise.

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Ideas for decorating a terrace

Add greenery to your terrace with potted plants and flowers. Choose plants that blossom throughout the year and add some that you will use in your cooking. Add soft lighting to create a beautiful atmosphere at night. Use floor lamps or lanterns around the perimeter of the terrace. Place comfortable sofas and chairs to create a meeting space. Finally, you can put curtains or tents to add colour to your terrace and to increase the privacy.

Βεράντα - Ιδέες για διακόσμηση βεράντας

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