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Frequently asked questions of owners - sellers

To begin with, we will need the title deed and the building license (if it is a building, apartment, etc.), and a topographic diagram, if it is a plot of land or a parcel of land. If required, and an energy certificate. In addition, the land register and the E9.

  1. Title of the property.

  2. Certificate of registration of the property at the Land Registry.

  3. Tax information.

  4. Insurance certificate.

  5. Declaration of the transferor to the competent tax office.

  6. Certificate of EN.F.I.A.

  7. Copy of the building license.

  8. Recent topographical diagram.

  9. Certificate from an engineer.

  10. Electronic building identity.

  11. Energy certificate.

Many of the above documents can be issued electronically and may not be required, depending on the type of property. In any case, your Agent will provide you with a list of what is required for your case and can help you gather them.

Our commission is freely determined after written agreement with you. In any case, our minimum commission for the sale of a property is 2.500 € + VAT and for renting a property, one rent + VAT. Remember that “cheap” is ultimately more expensive.

99% of the time the person who presented himself to you as a “broker” is not a legitimate professional and you should not do business with him because you will get financially damaged and then it will be too late. All legitimate professionals are paid for their services, in whatever field they are in. If the cost of our services seems high to you, try what an “amateur” will cost you.

The first thing to do is to ask for his business license. If he doesn’t have it or tells you he left it at the office, be extremely wary, as he is probably not a legitimate broker, but a paralegal. There is a related video on our website, watch it to learn more. You can also ask for references, ask about his experience and knowledge of the area.

We are paid by results, unless otherwise agreed or there is a special arrangement. Our commission is paid at the signing of the contracts, or any pre-contract, by deposit into a bank account, by bank cheque, or card.

Value added tax is paid by the recipient of the service or goods and is compulsory. The “others” who do not ask you for VAT fall into the category of non-legal “brokers” and those who do not issue receipts. You should avoid them as you may be subject to fines.

Since 2012, when the relevant law was passed, our company works with sellers and lessors only on an exclusive basis. It is the most appropriate and safe way to receive high quality services and the best result both in terms of time and cost. In all advanced societies and economies, owners work with one and only one Real Estate Professional who takes responsibility for the successful sale or lease of your property.

The short answer is no. Exclusivity with us means that you will have your personal Professional Property Consultant available 24/7, who will invest money and time in your property to get the best deal for you. Over-promoting your property will neither bring you more prospective buyers nor higher offers. Instead, it will devalue your property, as the “many” will arbitrarily lower the price so that they can attract more buyers, but they will not be qualified.

The short answer is no. The buying audience for each property category is specific and it is our job, as Professional Real Estate Agents, to find the right buyers for your property only. We choose a different marketing strategy for each property, so that we don’t make unnecessary suggestions to “interested parties” who just want to pass their time, or take a look at what’s on the market, and you have the most security and comfort during the whole showing process.

If the price you are considering is within the range that we will estimate the current market value of your property, of course we will achieve it, and depending on the property and the area, we can achieve a higher sale price.

There is no law that forces you to use our services. If you think you can do the “job” better than a Professional, all you have to do is try. You will almost certainly lose more money than you think you will make by saving our commission. Who wants to lose money?

There is a false impression that we set market prices, either up or down. This is simply a myth. We have no reason to underestimate the value of your property, since the more expensive it sells for, the higher our commission will be. Our goal is to sell your property at the highest possible price that can be achieved at the time. Our job is to monitor the local market on a daily basis and collect data from the transactions taking place in your area. Based on this data, the competition, the absorption rate and the particular characteristics of your property, we will accurately estimate the price it will ultimately sell for.

There are two possibilities. Either they don’t know the local market, which is very likely as most just go wherever they find a client, or they want to convince you to give them your property by luring you with promises they won’t keep. Our Professionals will never tell you a higher price than what your property is really worth in order to get an assignment.

We are morally obliged to pass on to you all the official offers we have received. Official offers are those given to us in writing and obviously state the details of the interested party, as well as the method of payment, e.g. full payment or some amount in the contract and the rest by loan. You will ultimately decide whether to accept an offer or not. Our role is purely advisory.

Acceptance of the offer is made in a document signed by you and is binding. This means that if you withdraw for any reason, or if there is a legal or technical problem that makes it impossible to sell the property, both the prospective buyer and our office will have to be compensated. The minimum compensation is equal to the agreed commission, but it can be set higher depending on the value of the property and the expenses incurred.

The correct answer is now, if not yesterday. We know that many owners, for a variety of reasons, are not willing to begin the process of gathering documentation before accepting an offer and closing. But this is a mistake and usually drives down the sale price. Why? Because one way we can negotiate a sale that may take place tomorrow and another way in 6 months. You are supposed to have made the decision and are ready to sell. Why waste time and money?

This depends on many factors. If your property has no legal or technical problems, or if it has been recently transferred after the eID came into force, the cost will be negligible. However, if there are arbitrary issues or corrections need to be made, for example in the Land Registry or the Inventory, then the cost will obviously be higher.

It is certainly not the ideal scenario, but it is very common and we are ready to deal with it, as we encounter it very often. A major advantage of exclusively assigning to our agency is that we will have full control of the showings on predetermined days and times, as well as control of the incoming prospects, for your safety and peace of mind. Your listing agent will let you know if you need to make any improvements to your home to make it presentable and appealing to buyers, without causing any disruption or emotional stress.

If your property is (also) an investment property, e.g. a commercial space, a shop, or with a good income, this can be a plus. If your property is not aimed at investors, or if the prospective buyer wants to use it immediately, this can be a problem, especially if it is bound by a long-term lease. In this case you will need to see when the lease expires, what the tenant’s intentions are and whether they are cooperative. If the lease expiry is approaching, he should be given plenty of notice in writing so that he can hand it over to you on an agreed date. For any other situation you can ask us or consult a lawyer with relevant expertise.

As stated above, you sign the Acceptance of Offer. And we are here to protect your interests. Accordingly, therefore, the buyer will be required to pay a deposit to our office, with the minimum amount of this being equal to the agreed commission. We sign a private agreement to this effect, under which we are obliged to hand over the property title deeds and the building licence, or topography if it is land, for him to carry out his inspections. If the buyer withdraws from the agreement, then you as the owner and we as the agents receive 50% of the deposit paid to our company as compensation.

This is not very common, but can be done through a different private “escrow” agreement signed between the seller – broker – buyer. In this case the buyer again pays the deposit to us, and we, after successful inspection, pass it on to you. This is usually done in the case where a fairly large deposit is needed to cover some of the seller’s expenses or any debts, but in such cases we recommend that a notarised pre-contract is made. In this case you must pay our fee when signing the pre-contract, unless otherwise agreed.

Don’t worry, you’re not the first. But the first thing you should do is fully disclose everything you know about your property and provide us with any information you have available. If you’re not sure, we’ll need to carry out a technical and legal check to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If there are multiple owners, or if there are outstanding issues such as an acceptance of an inheritance, title or deed corrections, etc., we need to be sure before the property even goes on the market. In 99% of cases, any technical or legal issue can be sorted out within a few weeks.

We will advise you on what is best to do. The aim is to sell your property for the maximum benefit to you. If we feel that some minor repairs or corrections are needed, we will suggest appropriate solutions, as long as it is worth the cost and hassle in relation to the sale price achieved. There are cases where small interventions of €2,000-3,000 can pay for themselves many times over, and others where you will come out on the losing end. We generally do not recommend total renovation or major interventions, as it is very likely that your aesthetics and choices will not match those of the prospective buyer. In any case, the Agent serving you will give you his professional opinion and it will be in your best interest to listen to him.

Don’t worry, you’re not the first. But you should let us know from the start so that we can determine our strategy. Whether your debts are to a bank from a loan, or to the state or to social insurance funds, we need to know the amount of the debts in order to calculate whether they can be covered by the sale of the property. If they are covered, there are various ways to pay them off so that you can obtain insurance and tax clearance.

Our enthusiastic customers, our name and our experience are our guarantee. Guarantees are usually given for electrical appliances, cars and some goods in general, not for services of this kind, which also depend on external factors and not exclusively on our skills, of which we are sure. Neither a doctor can guarantee a complete cure, nor a lawyer the outcome of a trial, etc. As we are always 100% honest with our clients, if we have any concerns we will let you know, or we simply will not undertake your representation, as our success rate in property sales, which we selectively undertake, is 98% and we want to improve it.

A “rough” estimate of the value of your property costs absolutely nothing. It is free of charge. An accurate and professional valuation of the current market value of your property for the purpose of selling it, starts from 250,00 € + VAT. You can fill in the valuation form here.

Home buyers' frequently asked questions

Our commission is freely determined after written agreement with you. In any case, our minimum commission for the purchase of a property is 2.500 € + VAT and for the lease of a property, one rent + VAT. Usually, in our listings we indicate the amount or percentage of the commission.

If there is an extra charge, in addition to our commission, for indicating a property, this will either be stated in the listing or we will inform you when we contact you. Usually, for properties that we manage exclusively and are located within Attica, there is no charge. For recommendations of specific properties, whether luxury, particularly high value or not appearing in public listings due to a confidentiality agreement, there is a charge which we will inform you of before the indication is made.

And the continuation is as follows : “I did not ask you to find me a property. I found it myself by searching the classifieds and property portals. Get paid by the owner who hired you to sell it”.

The short answer is that as soon as you contact a real estate agency you know that you have to pay a commission. Usually, this is stated in our listings. There is also a chance that “no buyer’s commission” will be listed, so you know that you will pay nothing. The more paraphrased answer would be that to “find the property yourself” in a listing on a portal, means that someone found the property, listed it, photographed it, ran and allocated time and paid for the listing so that you can “find it” from the comfort of your couch without having to move, spending time and money. We always make sure our listings are as accurate and representative as possible, so you can see if the property in question meets your specifications. This also saves you from unnecessary hassle. In any case, you are not obliged to buy a property through our agency, as you can search on your own for the one you think suits you, just as you can search the various portals for advertisements from individuals only.

It is a very simple and enjoyable process, as our aim is to guide you to the place that will become your home and house your dreams. On the day of the appointment you will receive a call from your Agent a few hours before your scheduled showing, and we will let you know the meeting point and confirmation. Before entering the property you will sign the Showing Order and you will need to have some form of photo identification with you. It is advisable that everyone who is co-deciding is with you. Simple, isn’t it?

And this can be done and the process is also easy, as it can be done electronically. You will need to email us your ID card, or equivalent identification document with a photo, scanned on both sides, and any other document showing your tax identification number. We will prepare the Order of Showing and send it to you in pdf format for you to sign it electronically through the service. Once we receive the signed Order we will send you the exact address of the property. As all of the properties we hold as agents are on exclusive assignment, we are not worried that you might be one of those few who want to avoid paying our commission. After all, the agent-client relationship is one of trust, and we trust you.

Of course you can, it’s part of our job and our obligation. Your Agent will be happy to set up a new appointment. After all, when it comes to such an important transaction, it goes without saying that you need to be confident in your choice.

Of course you can, as long as you don’t abuse it and more than 4-5 people come to the appointment. This is the average number of members of a typical family and this may be the maximum number of those who actually decide and/or pay for the purchase. So, anything more than that would be an exaggeration, but we are always open to serving our clients and meeting their needs.

Congratulations! Perfect choice! However, before we can say the niceties, and to ensure the interests of all parties involved, a process must be followed. You will submit your offer to us in writing, as well as the method of payment, e.g. loan, or any other requirements. We will forward it to the owner and await his response. If the owner accepts the offer, we will receive written acceptance from him, which includes a clause in case of cancellation of the sale for any reason on his part. This will compensate you for any expenses you have incurred. Then, you will sign a Private Agreement for the advance payment and “closing” of the property, with the agreed price locked in, obviously, and you will deposit the required amount in our office. Just as the seller is bound by an indemnity clause, you will also be bound by a clause to the effect that in the event of cancellation of the purchase by you, your deposit will be paid as compensation to the seller and to our office. Your Agent will fully explain the process and resolve any questions you may have.

Why? Are you not sure of your choice, or do you not trust us? Whichever is the case, unfortunately we cannot continue the process.

Unless the owner of the property has expressly consented and agrees to this, we cannot deliver title deeds, or any other document of the property, without the agreement being “sealed” with a Private Agreement and a down payment. Your engineer and your lawyer can independently carry out an inspection by looking for those details that they need for their inspection, either at a town planning office, land registry, mortgage office, etc. We do not hand over documents to anyone who expresses an interest, as we could otherwise post them publicly on the internet for anyone to see. Serious interest is only expressed with a serious commitment. If you do not trust us, we cannot cooperate anyway.

We are not the “others” and each Professional chooses his or her own way of operating and the procedures he or she follows. We have been doing this since 2013 and have never had the slightest problem or complaint. In any case you are not obliged to accept anything you are not comfortable with, or safe with.

No problem, don’t give anything. There are other lawyers who say the opposite. Sometimes it’s good to get other opinions.

You are right and now we can speak openly and clearly. The Closing Agreement, which has been drafted by our legal department, states in big bold letters that in the event of any legal or technical problem that may arise during your check, your money will be returned in full. In addition, you will also be reimbursed by the seller. You deposit the money in our company’s bank account, or by cheque, or by card and you get a receipt for your payment. We will never ask you for cash. See also here for fraud prevention. So, even if you think something might go wrong, you have all the evidence you need to find the right person, although with us you can sleep easy.

Understandable, but you are starting from the completely wrong base. If you don’t trust us from the start, will a formal check make you change your mind? After all, if we wanted to deceive you, couldn’t we just as easily do so after your formal check? What would stop us? Have you seen many “real estate agencies” list each associate’s license number and show up with their photos, resume and contact information?

We carry out an obligatory basic check so that the information we present to you is as accurate as possible, based on the information we have from the owner. In any case we have the title deeds, the entries in the land registry, the owner’s E9 and in many cases the building license, or a topographical survey if it is land. These are reviewed and cross-checked by our legal and technical department, so that we do not find ourselves exposed to you. If we find any discrepancies, we inform the owner and you, as a prospective buyer, of our findings and the actions to be taken and ways to resolve them. Unfortunately, in Greece until today, there was no unified database of properties, and many times some corrections are required, especially regarding the surface area or the use of some spaces. In 99,99% of cases, whatever problem occurs is resolved within a few weeks. With the implementation of the electronic property ID, these kinds of problems are eliminated, and you will buy a property that is completely “clean” and tidy both legally and technically.

In most cases, it takes a few weeks to gather all the necessary documentation from the owner. There are also cases where the sale can take place immediately and the time depends entirely on the buyer and the availability of the notary. In any case, we keep you constantly informed of the stage we are at, and we have given you information from the beginning about any outstanding issues and matters that may need to be taken care of, so that you can make your decisions and coordinate your actions.

The possibility of a last-minute problem is unlikely. From the very beginning you have been made aware of possible outstanding issues that may delay the signing of the contracts, e.g. acceptance of inheritance, and we have set a timetable. If, through the fault of the owner, the sale does not finally take place, you are protected by us, as you will receive in full all the deposit you have paid, and in addition you will be compensated with the amount agreed between us in the Private Agreement, which is usually 50% of the brokerage fee.

Of course, that’s our job. As long as the property you want exists on the market. If it exists, we’ll find it for you. We’re dedicated to this and it’s a challenge for our Agents. But you need to spend some time with the Agent assigned to serve you. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and discuss your needs with him/her. This will take approximately one hour. After about 10 days you will receive an update on our “findings”.

Yes, of course. Finding properties that are not part of our portfolio, and ” tailor-made” by the client, involves a cost to us, which will have to be covered by you. But we have good news for you! The amount you pay in advance for finding the right property will be offset against our brokerage commission, so you won’t actually be charged anything extra. You understand that finding a property is an arduous, time-consuming and costly process, which is undertaken by your Agent, otherwise, perhaps you could try and find it out for yourself. The cost varies depending on the difficulty of the search and the value of the property you are looking for. However, to give you an idea, for finding 2-3 properties, within Attica, worth around 200.000 €, the minimum charge is 150,00 € + VAT. For the next cycle of 2-3 suggestions, if required, you will be charged accordingly. In case none of the suggested options does not satisfy you, the amount already paid will NOT be refunded.

We are sorry if you feel this way, and if at any time you have felt uncomfortable, please contact us. We ask as many questions as we feel are necessary so that we can better serve, understand and ultimately meet your needs. For example, it is not an interrogation to tell us your full name so that we know who we are talking to, nor the amount of money you want to spend on buying or renting a property, and the use for which it is intended. If for any reason you are unable, or unwilling, to give us details over the phone, you can schedule a meeting at our office, or make an online appointment. For more you can also see our office’s Standard Operating Procedures section.

We are sorry if you feel this way, and if at any time you have felt uncomfortable, please contact us. Part of our job is to “show” properties, but there are times when, if we want to do our job properly, we should not show them. We have a great deal of experience and are trained and dedicated to identifying and understanding your needs and wants. With that said, we don’t want to inconvenience you and waste your time to see something that doesn’t fit you, or doesn’t suit you, or you can’t afford. We know better than anyone the negotiating margins, and if they are not within your budget, there is absolutely no point in pointing it out. In addition, if the owner wants a specific method of payment, e.g. they won’t accept a loan, it also makes no sense to make a suggestion if you want to borrow. What we can do for you, is for you to find another property that will suit your needs and financial capabilities.

If you are asked for your financial information, it means that you may fall under a category of money laundering under national and EU legislation. This may be the case if the property is of a particularly high value and if there are agreed methods of payment (e.g. cash, foreign bank account, etc.). We are obliged to report such “special” cases to the tax authorities, as we may be considered as participants, or accomplices, in an illegal act. The same may happen in the case where the actual price of the sale may be considerably higher or lower than the objective value of the property. More on this issue can be found in the section on money laundering. Also, for leases with a particularly high rent, evidence of the tenant’s financial ability to meet its obligations may be required.

Please use the contact form and describe your issue. An expert will reply asap.

Real Estate Agents FAQs

Good question! We would recommend that you study the material we have posted on our blog and in the video section (only in Greek for the moment). One thing is for sure, their job is not just to “show” houses. They do a lot more that cannot be described in a few paragraphs.

Law 4072/2012 (Government Gazette A’ 86 – 11/04/2012) and articles 197-204, define the conditions for exercising the profession and regulate relevant issues. If you have more questions please consult an English speaking lawyer or contact us.

In addition to the formal requirements set by law, which you will find in another “F.A.Q.”, you also need some essential qualifications to succeed in this field. Indicatively we mention:

  1. Have the desire to create something of your own and work independently.
  2. Be self-motivated and have a desire to learn and develop.
  3. Have an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset as this is not a traditional 9-5 job.
  4. Be able to invest time and money in the success of your business.
  5. Like the lifestyle of real estate agents.

These and more are what you need to be able to master for a successful career in real estate.

Yes, but if you have such “concerns” or are stuck in “stereotypes” of paid employment, don’t bother at all, it’s not for you.

Obviously you should take on the obligation to pay for your personal insurance and pension, as everyone does. The cost for “new” professionals is very low for the first five years, at around 140,00 € per month. Besides, the real estate business is so rewarding that this expense is a ridiculous compared to the income you will have.

First raise a small amount of capital to start your business. For a start, around 3.000€ is enough and will give you the comfort of running your business for over 6 months. This is a sufficient amount of time to start generating your first income if you are serious about your business on a daily basis.

There are solutions for everything. If you are really sure that this is what you want to do with your life, you will find a way. If you can find money to go on a holiday, or buy a new mobile phone, you will certainly find “funders” to support you for the first 6 months. Parents, family and friends are the first people you should turn to and they are the first people who will want to see you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Ask them!

Under very strict conditions, yes. As long as you are ready to make specific commitments, all you have to do is make an appointment with us.

By law, a real estate agent is an independent professional, so even if we wanted to, we could not hire you as a real estate agent. Besides, the nature of the profession is such that it cannot operate on a 5-day 8-hour basis. Better look for another salaried job, as there is a huge demand and the basic salary is constantly rising.

Of course you can go wherever you want, as long as you are prepared for the consequences this may have for you. Things are not as simple and don’t expect to get a “high” salary just to “show” houses. You can also read about this at the bottom of our page on fraud prevention. It is a criminal offense to present yourself as a real estate agent when you are not really one.

If you are wondering if it suits you, then it probably doesn’t. This website provides enough information to help you understand several things, primarily about yourself, and secondarily about the real estate profession.

No problem. As long as you meet the formal legal requirements, we will include you in the part-timer programme, which has the least obligations, both financially and productively.

We must point out that the time, energy and money you invest in your business should be relative to the expected income.

If you want to, of course. Just bear in mind that you will suffer a small reduction in your pension.

Of course you can. It will just stop as soon as you start your business. Check with your tax advisor.

Illegally. The consequences can be very serious, up to and including imprisonment. Don’t try it, sooner or later you will be exposed and you will have caused damage, not only to yourself and your family, but also to your clients.

Whether it is a large company, a district office, or even yourself individually, the law does not discriminate. If you think you are “covering” behind a brokerage firm or agency, you are wrong and sooner or later, it will be proven.

The professional title “Real Estate Consultant” is a Greek invention that is not used anywhere else in the world. It was invented to “cover” all those who actually act as real estate agents, but are not legal real estate agents. Of course, we recognize your right to self-definition of your professional identity, but the “view” of the law is different.

The answer to all 3 questions is YES. Explore the education page and you will find a lot of information about our programs.

We are the first real estate brand in Greece to offer online training seminars for real estate professionals.

The cost of the seminars, exclusively for our Associates, starts from 300,00 € + VAT.

We provide a LIFETIME guarantee for our services and benefits, not for your own willingness, passion, commitment and investment of time and money in your business. Our track record proves that those who have worked seriously and responsibly with us have succeeded in a very short period of time in earning a very satisfying income and a much better lifestyle. Therefore, your success does not depend on us, but on you. If you do not succeed with us, do not delude yourself that you will succeed somewhere else as a Real Estate Agent.

Quite simply, we are the best at our job, which is to help you create a profitable business in real estate.

We offer what no one else offers in the Greek market. We offer the best professional environment through which you can further develop your business and your clientele. We offer maximum visibility, both for you as a professional Agent and for the properties you represent. We offer specific training to help you stand out from the “competition”. Finally, we offer the highest actual commission rates of up to 80%. It is not possible, of course, to analyze all of our benefits in a few lines, so if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Of course you can and it is something we promote and support. In addition, we can train you on how to set up your team and how to manage it. As a Team Leader, you will determine the commissions of your team members and obviously receive a percentage of their commissions. Contact us for more information.

The first thing that matters to us is professionalism, ethics, honesty, sincerity, integrity and a commitment to providing a high level of real estate services to our clients. It doesn’t matter if you have a ‘large’ portfolio to transfer, as this will be evaluated by us anyway.

So, if you have all of the above characteristics, you will either receive a one-time BONUS for transferring a selected and exclusive portfolio to our office (which you will not be able to refuse), or your transferred exclusive portfolio will be paid at a very high commission rate, up to 80%. Non-exclusive properties, or properties that cannot be represented exclusively after a new owner approach, cannot be transferred to our office.

It is not something we are used to, but under very strict conditions it can be done. A necessary condition is a visible prospect of production within six months, and this is derived from the properties in your portfolio, so if you don’t have a portfolio, you can’t take in advance. We do not finance the creation of your portfolio, as this would be completely against to the logic of the real estate profession and the business relationship between us.

Please visit our Career in Real Estate page and all the sub-pages. You’ll find there our Guide for Real Estate Agents (only in Greek). If you need more information please contact us with as many details as you can, so we can reply to the point.

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