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A house with a garden is generally a detached house or a maisonette, located on a piece of land and has free space in which flowers, shrubs and trees can be planted. Having a garden gives the residents of the house the opportunity to enjoy nature and greenery, do outdoor activities safely, grow a variety of vegetables and have a private space for rest and relaxation.

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The value of a house with a garden

Usually, a house with a garden is more expensive, because the value of the land and also because the increased maintenance of the property has more costs. However, the existence of a garden can dramatically increase the value of the property and make the daily life of the residents more pleasant and relaxing.

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A house with a garden offers many advantages to its residents

  • Place of relaxation: A garden can be a relaxing place for the residents of the house. The gardens provide opportunities for games, barbecues, meetings and many other activities.
  • Environmental advantages: A garden can help to maintain a healthy environment and biodiversity, as trees and shrubs can provide natural shelter for many types of birds. In addition, the temperatures that develop in summer are lower.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: Growing fruit trees, fruits and vegetables in the garden can provide fresh and healthy food for the family of the house and reduce the cost of food purchases.
  • Increase in the value of the property: A house with a garden is worth more than an apartment, because gardens are very desirable by most property buyers.

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Depending on the size of each garden, there are many ideas for its utilisation

  • Create a perfect flower garden to add colour and beauty. You can choose a variety of roses, geraniums, orchids, etc. Plant trees and shrubs around the perimeter for more privacy. Some types of plants can also repel unwanted insects.
  • Add water elements. A small lake or fountain, a stream or a small waterfall will give peace and tranquility to your garden.
  • You can use your garden as a place of relaxation, adding a comfortable sofa, armchairs, a hammock, barbecue, and even a pergola for protection from the sun or rain.
  • The garden can be used to create a play area for children, by placing a swing, slide, monorail, etc.
  • If you have a big garden, a very nice idea is the construction of a swimming pool, which will give a luxury character, but especially a breath of fresh air during the summer months.
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Without any doubt, the majority of buyers, even those who are looking for a home in a dense urban environment, if they could afford it, they would like a house with a garden, even a small one. This is why even some old detached houses with a garden are in high demand and therefore have increased prices.

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