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Living on the mountain

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Living on the mountain is very different from living in a big city or in the suburbs. Depending on the location and altitude, living on the mountain can be very different in terms of climate, nature, culture and general lifestyle.

On the mountains there may be small communities, or villages with permanent residents. People there are often engaged in agriculture, or animal husbandry, and usually live in houses made of local materials such as stone and wood.

Ζωή στο Βουνό - mountain

Living on the mountain is definitely more relaxing than living in the city, with less stress and pressure for speed and productivity. People who live in the mountain have closer social relationships and work together to deal with common problems.

Living on the mountain can certainly offer many opportunities for outdoor activities and sports, such as hiking and climbing and has some similarities with life in the countryside.

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Ζωή στο Βουνό - πλεονεκτήματα

Living on the mountain can have many advantages

  • Fresh air and better health. The absence of pollution and fresh air means improved health and well-being.
  • Natural beauty and contact with nature. The mountain is filled with natural beauty, such as rivers, lakes and forests. Contact with nature can reduce the stress and improve the mood.
  • Fresh and quality food. Mountain residents often grow their own vegetables and fruits and they can enjoy foods which are fresher and healthier.
  • Peaceful and quiet life. Mountain residents often live in quiet communities and they enjoy a peaceful life away from the noise of the city.

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Apart from the positives of living on the mountain, there can be some negatives.

  • Limited access to amenities. Living in the mountain has limited access to amenities such as restaurants, shops and entertainment.
  • Tough climate. Usually, winter in the mountain means snow blockade or blackout.
  • Difficulty in moving. If the road network isn’t good, then there may be difficulty in travelling to the nearest urban centre, especially with bad weather.
Ζωή στο Βουνό - μειονεκτήματα

The choice of living permanently on the mountain can be a difficult decision, but if you combine it with a stay in a nearby urban centre in winter, then it is a very good choice that will compensate you many times.

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