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Legal services

Legal services for home owners

Our real estate agency provides full and high quality legal support for checking the accuracy of the titles of your property, or any corrections that need to be made to the relevant entries in the land registry, in order for it to be sold without problems. We also undertake the resolution of tenancy disputes, whether they are residential or commercial leases.


Indicatively, some of our services include: a) Preparation of a complete property file, b) Collection of supporting documents, c) Legal support of the owner, d) Attorney’s presence on the day of the contract, e) Checking of the final purchase contract, and f) Removal of notations. In lease cases, we can handle recalcitrant tenants, expulsion from the lease, etc. Contact us for more information.

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Legal services for home buyers

The presence of a qualified lawyer during the signing of contracts can be very important, as it will prevent major mistakes that will later be very difficult to correct and can cost you dearly. A standard legal check will easily identify a mortgaged property, but experience is required to find out if, for example, there is a heir who could claim the property you are buying.

Indicatively, the legal services we provide to home buyers are: a) Checking of titles at the relevant Land Registry Office, b) Legal advice on tax issues, c) Checking of supporting documents, d) Second legal check on the day of signing the final contract, e) Attendance on the day of signing the contract and checking of the final sale contract, f) Legal support at all stages of the sale, and g) Record of a mortgage, in case of a loan.

Do you need a qualified real estate contracts lawyer?

Our office cooperates with lawyers with extensive experience in real estate matters and will help you to complete the purchase of the property you are interested in, quickly and smoothly.

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