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Living near the Sea

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It is true that for the majority of population, living near the sea can be very beautiful and relaxing, but depending on the region and the season, it can have challenges. Usually, people who live by the sea have access to beaches and activities such as swimming, water ski, diving, fishing and hiking. Also, living near the sea will certainly include visits to local restaurants with fish dishes, walks in the marinas and nightlife.

Ζωή δίπλα στη θάλασσα

However, living near the sea can have some negatives. For example, exposure to salt can cause damage to homes and vehicles, while weather conditions on beaches can be unstable and dangerous for people and materials.

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πλεονεκτήματα να ζεις κοντά στη θάλασσα

There are many advantages of living by the sea that have a positive impact on the quality of life.

  • The sea can create the ideal environment for relaxation and tranquility. The sound of the waves and the freshness of the salt air can help you eliminate stress be revitalized.
  • The sea offers many opportunities for sports, such as swimming, diving, skiing, sailing, rowing, or even running on the beach.
  • The sea offers a rich variety of food, fish and seafood, in which you will have access to local shops or from fishermen in the local port and they are recommended for a healthy diet.

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Despite the many advantages of living near the sea, there are some disadvantages to consider.

  • Some people may have health problems that prevent them from living in an environment with high levels of humidity.
  • In winter the weather conditions near the sea can be very bad, with strong winds, storms, or high waves.
  • Properties near the sea are generally very expensive, like the cost of living.
  • In some tourist areas, life can be quite difficult due to traffic, noise and crowds.
μειονεκτήματα να ζεις κοντά στη θάλασσα

It is no coincidence that most people prefer to live near the sea. Depending on the area, the advantages are more than the disadvantages and despite the cost of seaside properties and the increased cost of living, for the majority of people buying a house near the sea is a lifelong dream.

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