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Engineering services

An engineer is essential for the sale of your property

In order to complete the sale of a property, among other documents, the issuance of an Energy Certificate, Electronic Identity and possibly a settlement, if it is a building, are required. Our office undertakes the issuance of all the necessary certificates for the sale of your property, in a short time and at highly competitive prices.


Indicatively, apart from the above mentioned, we prepare Topographical Diagrams, we undertake settlement of arbitrary constructions and investigation of the files in the local Urban Planning Department and all related work, with responsibility and consistency. We specialize in difficult technical issues and can provide solutions where everyone else “throws up their hands”.

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Technical inspection for buyers

Our experienced team of professional engineers undertakes the review and full technical inspection of the property you want to buy. It is very important to know from the beginning the actual condition of the property, in order to calculate any additional costs that will be required for repairs, or necessary improvements.

A technical inspection by a qualified engineer is essential in the most important purchase of your life. Only an experienced “eye” can detect hidden defects or damages and advise you on the actions that need to be taken to finally have a fully functional and safe home, that will house your family and your dreams. Never skip the technical inspection, as the cost is minimal compared to the benefits you will gain instantly and in the future.

Do you need an engineer?

Whether you are selling and want to issue the necessary certificates, or buying and need a full technical inspection, our qualified engineers have over 25 years of experience.

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