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The Operating Standards listed below has been automatically translated from Greek, using third-party translation services, for which we are not responsible for their fidelity and accuracy. Τo avoid any misunderstandings that may be caused by a poor language translation, if you consider it necessary, seek appropriate advice, or do not use this website.

OPENING HOURS : MONDAY – FRIDAY, 10:00 – 18:00, excluding public holidays.

Standard operating procedures for clients (landlords, sellers, lessors, buyers, tenants) in order to receive services from our real estate agency.

  • The entrance, our office meeting space, and third party facilities that we may use for meetings with our clients, are videotaped in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Also, our telephone conversations may be recorded and in such cases, you will hear a warning message before our conversation begins.
  • There is no general requirement to show identification upon entering our office and before you start working with us. However, you may be required to present some form of photo identification in accordance with any security policies that we may have in place at our facilities, or third parties may have in place at their facilities that we may use, for example, to protect life or property. This information is subject to our Privacy Policy.
  • For the showing of any property, we require : a) the prior signing of a Showing Order to our company, stating the full details of the person concerned, a brief description and location of the property, its value and our agency commission, and b) the presentation of an identity card or equivalent document, with a photograph. This information is subject to our company’s Privacy Policy and may be passed on to the owner (or a legally authorised representative) of the property, if they so wish.
  • No exclusive representation agreement is required for the buyer – tenant. There may be a minimum charge for each property showing, depending on its type, value, or other special characteristics. Your Agent will advise you if there is such a requirement. In the case of exclusive representation of a buyer – tenant and your Assignment to our company to find – indicate a property, there is a minimum charge, the amount of which you will be explained in detail before we start working with you. For more, you can see the “Buyers” section in the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us.
  • You may be asked for proof of funds to be used to purchase – lease a property, depending on its type, value and intended use. This information is subject to our company’s Privacy Policy. In the case of bank loans, pre-approval is required from the banking institution with which the prospective buyer, or lessee, is working with.
  • An agreement of exclusive representation of landlord/seller/owner/lessor/developer/builder is required to promote for sale/lease/rental, etc., of any type of property by our agency. For the full real estate services we provide to landlords / sellers / lessors, you can see here. On this page you can also download a guide (only in Greek) we have prepared for you, simply by entering your email address. You can also see the section for “Sellers” in the Frequently Asked Questions.

For any other topic not covered here, please use the contact form.

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