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Industrial decoration style

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Industrial style refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes elements from old factories and industrial spaces, that in recent years have been transformed into lofts and other living spaces. This aesthetic became popular in the late 2000’s and remained popular in the 2010’s.

Industrial style - Βιομηχανικό Στυλ Διακόσμησης

Industrial Evolution

Several years ago, the industrial evolution evolved the civilization of humanity. Many industrial buildings built at that time have now been converted into industrial locations. However, a nostalgic wave of industrial design has become a fashionable trend, from Europe to the United States and even Asia. Almost all big cities of the world can recognize the industrial style in interior design. The oldest industrial style came from the transformation of some old abandoned factories, making them the place where artists work and live creatively. Later, the cool and artistic style evolved into an industrial style of interior design. However, due to its cool and hard effects, it was not suitable for long-term residence, which in later modern interior design was changed, since some other symbols were used, in order to give a feeling of warmth and to be suitable for everyday life.

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Στυλ σχεδίασης - Βιομηχανικό Στυλ Διακόσμησης

Industrial Design style

The industrial design style is mainly found in urban areas and much more in the attics or top floors of old commercial buildings. These are ideal locations because they provide an open field for owners to start with a new “canvas”. These locations also contain some of the key elements used to achieve this design style, such as exposed brick and metal tubes, columns or beams, concrete floors and large openings. These elements help to give the space a “warehouse” feeling which is the ultimate goal of this design style.

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Colours and materials

Although the interior design in industrial style is simple in the choice of materials and colours, it is necessary to fully take into account the personality and wishes of the user in order to meet his aesthetic needs. The first impression most people have when looking at industrial interior design is the feeling of a cold space, due to the presence of dark and neutral colours such as brown, ochre, blue and touches of black. These low tones and deep, neutral, calm colours are usually used to emphasise industrial characteristics. Industrial design obviously doesn’t turn an interior into a factory, but it can give a sense of strength, safety and security. The logical matching of colours and materials is the key to providing the sense of warmth that a modern living space requires.

Χρώματα και υλικά - Βιομηχανικό Στυλ Διακόσμησης

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