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Prefabricated houses

The perfect alternative

In recent years, a large number of buyers have started to choose alternatives solutions for the purchase or construction of a home, or even a commercial space. As in many areas the prices of “used” properties are rising, many are thinking of buying land at a relatively low price, if they don’t already own it, and build on it the building that will meet their needs.

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Reduced costs and time

Until now, the biggest obstacle for this category of buyers has been the cost and the hassle of “putting up a building site”. However, modern prefabrication comes to solve this problem, as it offers almost everything the customer wants. What could be better than reduced construction costs, fast delivery times, but also avoiding the hassle and coordination of craftsmen?

Today’s technology and development of construction methods and materials, enables almost everyone to acquire a prefabricated house at a reduced cost, of even 30-35% compared to the traditional way of building, in incredible times, that can be a few weeks from the order, and at the same time be completely safe, functional and modern with all the comforts.

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Our team of experienced Agents is here to help you with any issue you may have regarding the quick and profitable sale of your prefabricated house. You can trust us because we have done it hundreds of times and we do it well.

Prefabricated house


The prefabrication materials vary and can be wood, reinforced concrete, metal, cement board or plasterboard and many more and of course a combination of these. The prefabricated houses fulfill all modern standards and withstand fires and earthquakes, sometimes longer than a traditionally built house, and they have excellent energy efficiency. Depending on the materials used, they can have an equal or longer lifetime than the “classic” houses we all know.

Resale value

A disadvantage is that its value decreases over time, as many people do not have the knowledge to assess and evaluate a structure. This theory may be true for prefabricated homes over 20 years old, but new constructions can easily maintain a good resale value.

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Our real estate agency takes care of every issue concerning your prefabricated house, whether you are a seller or a buyer, with discretion, speed, absolute professionalism and at competitive prices. Discover our complete suite of services.

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The most important thing, of course, is to choose a reliable manufacturer with extensive experience and expertise and we can help you, as we work with selected prefab manufacturers, depending on the building method. So if you are interested you can contact us.

If you are thinking about building your new home, you can contact our office to find you a suitable building land and depending on your budget, a prefabricated house can be the perfect decision for you.

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