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The Fraud Prevention advices listed below has been automatically translated from Greek, using third-party translation services, for which we are not responsible for their fidelity and accuracy. Τo avoid any misunderstandings that may be caused by a poor language translation, if you consider it necessary, seek appropriate advice, or do not use this website.

At our company we know that you have worked very hard for your money. That’s why we want to give you some tips that can help you avoid the scams that can occur in the process of selling, buying, renting or leasing any property, and in the business world as Real Estate Agents – Real Estate Consultants.

Please read the following information carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect that someone is trying to cheat you.

IMPORTANT WARNING to prospective buyers and tenants of real estate about transferring or depositing money.

There have been several reports across the country of fraudsters pretending to be property owners, lawyers, or even real estate agents, with the sole purpose of extorting money from prospective buyers or tenants. These schemes have many variations and come in many forms and the advice given here cannot describe every situation. As a genuine prospective buyer or tenant, we want to make you aware of your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.

  • Under no circumstances should you accept to give cash to anyone, be it the owner, a lawyer or even a real estate agent. No transaction can be proven if it was done with cash and is not permitted by our country’s legislation for transactions over 500,00 €.
  • Always all agreed money must be transferred through a bank account of a licensed financial institution in Greece, or by cheque or card.
  • If you receive a message (SMS) on your mobile phone, or in your e-mail, asking you to deposit any amount of money in a bank account, as guarantee, or deposit for a property you are interested in, be very careful and always check the origin of the message and the sender. Before making any transfer, contact and call the recipient of the money and check the correctness of his account details and the name of the real beneficiary, or the name of the company.
  • If someone, who has presented himself to you as a real estate agent, asks you for money, especially cash, as a deposit for the “closing” of a property, always ask for his professional license, his G.E.M.I. number, and the membership number of the relevant Professional Chamber, as well as the real estate association he may belong to. You can thus confirm whether the person is indeed a legal real estate agent, as well as his/her place of business and contact details. Then, and only then, you can deposit the agreed amount, always by transfer to a Greek bank account, or by card, or by cheque, and always with a signed Private Agreement for advance payment or escrow, describing exactly why the money is being deposited, the specific property and its location, and bearing the stamp and signature of the legitimate estate agent and/or real estate agency.

Our company will never ask you for cash and the payment of any amount to us, either for our commission or as an escrow holder, is always made by transfer to a Greek bank account, or by cheque, or by card, after the signing of the relevant Private Agreement bearing the seal of our company and the signature of its legal representative.

The above guidelines are by no means legal advice and if you have any questions or doubts, we recommend that you consult your lawyer.

Important Alert for scams related to employment/working in the Real Estate industry.

Canopus P.C. uses the distinctive titles “Canopus Brokers” and “YOUR HOME SOLD by Canopus Brokers™” for its real estate brokerage and real estate agency activities.

What will be mentioned below does NOT concern the entire real estate industry in Greece, but a considerable part of it.

It has come to our knowledge that some of our names have been used in the recent past by third parties: (a) to defame us as a company and real estate agency, in order to mislead and discourage interested prospects from doing business with us, unsuccessfully attempting to diminish our value, successes and principles, and (b) to commit fraud against interested applicants for opportunities in the real estate industry as “Real Estate Consultants”, or “Real Estate Advisors”, or “Real Estate Agents”, and other similar professional titles.

Various individuals, and/or companies/agencies, often post fake job/collaboration “opportunities” on third-party websites, social media, send emails about “job opportunities” in the real estate industry, and/or arrange interviews using electronic media, such as Viber, Zoom, Teams, Messenger, What’s UP, etc. These copycats ultimately pursue to gain access to your personal information and by communicating with you, they try to convince you to do business with them, promising high commissions or profits, without meeting all legal requirements, and with the ultimate goal of their own maximum profit.

Always keep in mind that our company does not operate in this manner and will never present false or misleading information about careers in the real estate industry. There is always a contact by telephone, online, and in person at our offices, and at the same time, any business with us is only done after the signing of relevant Private Agreements, between two independent parties, which fully define the relationship, rights and obligations between us.

Please also note that the profession of “Real Estate Agent”, “Real Estate Consultant” or “Real Estate Advisor”, etc., is governed by the provisions of Law 4072/2012, as amended and in force today, for the legal practice of which, registration in the General Commercial Register (G.E.M.I.) and the relevant Professional Chamber is required. For the wider Athens area, the competent authority is the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen.

If you see job advertisements for “Real Estate Agents”, “Property Consultants”, etc., either in the press or online, on various job portals, social networking sites and applications, or in emails you may have received, be very careful, as some fraudsters may promise very high commission rates, or salary, and/or other benefits, in order to persuade you to work with them. These promises can often turn out to be false and you will never receive what was verbally promised. Any agreement must be in written form and in order to receive your commissions you must meet the requirements of the law regarding real estate agents and all relevant tax provisions.

For any promising positions of dependent employment with a fixed salary and possibly a percentage of sales, also be extremely cautious, as many times these positions involve fake hiring, or part time, with reduced hours instead of full time, or internships, and you may even be asked for a return of paid salaries or bonuses. In addition, anyone who acts as a realtor, within the meaning of local law must be registered as a business and not as an employee.

Our company never “hires” paid Real Estate Agents – Real Estate Consultants, but only signs cooperation contracts with independent professionals, active or in the process of starting/establishment. All professional agreements – partnerships are made in writing and not verbally.

What has been mentioned above does NOT concern the entire real estate industry in Greece, but a considerable part of it.

If you have any questions, or doubts, about our listings for prospective Real Estate Consultants – Real Estate Agents, please contact us.

More information about the real estate profession can be found in the relevant sections of our Frequently Asked Questions, in our articles about professional real estate agents and in our video blog. Explore also our main page Careers in Real Estate, and the subsections : a) Why to work with us, b) about our Global Network, c) about Technology for Realtors, and d) about Education for Realtors, to see all our benefits. In addition, on each page there is a free downloadable guide to help you learn more about the profession of a Real Estate Agent.

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