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The contemporary design finds its source in the Bauhaus movement, which was born in the 1920’s. Then it became popular during the 1970’s, around the same time as the rise in popularity of postmodernism. In the beginning, before it was recognized as an independent style, it was a combination of different styles. The contemporary design borrowed elements from modernism and postmodernism. It also collected ideas and elements from other design styles, such as “Art Deco“, Deconstructivism, Futurism and others.

Σύγχρονο Στυλ Διακόσμησης

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Σύγχρονο Στυλ Διακόσμησης και κώδικες

Contemporary design and codes

Contemporary design is constantly changing and evolving. As each decade passes, its decorative trends will always be considered contemporary. It is not necessarily connected with a specific period of time, as the “modern” style do. Instead, it is a constantly evolving style that reflects what is happening today.

More specifically, there are some codes that characterise the contemporary design in terms of colours, textures, patterns and materials.

Concerning the colours, the contemporary decoration is characterized by neutral colours. It is mainly based on black, white, grey or even beige, in order to create a contrasting interior space. For example, black or grey cushions can be added to a white sofa, creating the desired contrast.

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Textures and patterns

Concerning the textures and patterns, predominate mainly neutral and smooth textures, such as lacquer furniture, which offer a sophisticated design that is equal to the great designers. On the floor, a common solution is marble which will add character to your home. Important in this style of decoration are also materials such as stainless steel or metal in an original decorative object. The patterns that exist in the decoration of contemporary design are fewer and often very abstract. Finally, the right and most suitable combination for the “Contemporary Design” is the white color and the glass. Neutral colours and materials are the right choice to create harmony. Glass is often found in decoration, especially in furniture. For example, a clever idea is to combine a glass table with a white vase.

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