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Living in a detached house

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A detached house is an independent residential building within a plot of land, or parcel of land, over which it has full ownership rights. Ideally, it does not touch another building on an adjacent plot or parcel of land, but it may also be adjacent, depending on the size of the property and the building regulations of the area. It is almost taken for granted that it will have open outdoor space, a courtyard or garden and parking spaces.

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Design of a detached house

The configuration of a detached house, both externally and internally, can be extremely varied in terms of sizes and design, depending on the needs of the residents and their budget. We can find a detached house both in the centre and on the periphery of large cities, as well as in areas with many country houses.

A detached house is generally an expensive purchase and is therefore a long-term investment for the family buying it. However, owning a detached house offers owners the freedom to design the space according to their needs and enjoy the privacy and comfort of their own space, without being dependent on anyone else.

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A detached house has many advantages

  • A detached house offers the most privacy compared to other types of housing. Owners can enjoy their own space without sharing the garden or facilities with others.
  • Detached houses usually have more space than other types of housing, e.g. apartments, and of course a courtyard or garden for relaxation, activities and play.
  • The owners of a detached house have full autonomy and freedom to make decisions about their space. They can make changes and improvements, without having to get approval from anyone else.

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If we have to mention some disadvantages, these would be:

  • Higher purchase cost. Usually, buying a detached house requires more capital than an apartment.
  • Lack of communication. If the house is in a remote and sparsely populated area, the owners may feel isolated or even insecure.
  • Maintenance costs. Owners of a detached house are responsible for the maintenance and care of their property, including gardens and outdoor facilities and this, depending on the size of the property, can be very costly.
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In general, there is no doubt that the detached house is by far the first choice of prospective buyers. Even those with a small budget are looking to buy an old house and renovate it, or a small piece of land, rather than being in a block of flats and sharing space and facilities. It’s something we see very often, but the offer is much less than the demand and that’s why the prices are quite high.

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