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Art Deco decoration style

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The term Art Deco, which means “Decorative Art”, refers to an international artistic movement, which dominated internationally during the 1930’s and 1940’s and then faded away after the World War II era. This new technique was exhibited for the first time in 1925 in Paris at the International Exhibition “Contemporary Decorative and Industrial Arts”, which was visited by sixteen million people from all over Europe.

Art Déco - Διακοσμητική Τέχνη

The Art Deco style was not related with the “New Art” (Art Nouveau) that was prevalent at the same time and sought a new expression in architecture, painting and graphic arts. Its characteristic feature is that it combined modern style with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. During its golden period, it represented luxury, glamour and faith in social and technological progress.

The Art Deco style was influenced by pre-modern art from around the world during the 1920’s. There was also popular interest in archaeology, due to the excavations in Pompeii and Troy. Thus, artists and designers have included motifs from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Asia, Central America and Oceania. Deco was also influenced by different art movements ranging from cubism to futurism.

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Art Déco - Χρώματα και μοτίβα

Colours and patterns

The colours that dominate in this style of decoration, are generally quite dark, either cold like blue and green, or warmer like pink and burgundy. These palettes can be mixed and matched to create more contrasts. The gold colour is necessary for the elegant side of the Art Deco design. Concerning the textures, velvet is a key element and it can be found on armchairs and sofas, curtains and cushions. Marble is also present for its elegant, and timeless character. The patterns are characteristic, inspired by architecture and having unique forms. Therefore, the right combination for an Art Deco space is the velvet with golden brass. Velvet brings warmth and softness, while gold brass offers light and a sense of richness to the space.

Art Deco was an international style that could be adapted to man-made objects. The goal was always to achieve a monolithic look with applied decorative patterns. The Art Deco movement greatly influenced many architects and was the foundation stone for extraordinary achievements.

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