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Living in an apartment is the most common way of life in large metro cities. An apartment is a flat, horizontal property, located in a multi-story building, consisting of a set of rooms, usually with a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and one or more bedrooms. Apartment residents share common facilities, such as the entrance to the building, including stairs, elevator, heating (mostly in old buildings) and storage or parking spaces.

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Nowadays, this type of housing concerns a large part of the population, because it makes it easier for people to get to their place of work and city centres. An apartment, of any size, can start from the basement – semi-basement and reach up to the top floor of a building, which in Athens is usually from the 4th to 6th floor.

We can also distinguish some apartment’s categories, such as for example, the whole floor apartment, which occupies an entire floor of a building, the studio, a space of a few square meters consisting of an open plan area in which there are the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom and then we can distinguish the apartments according to the number of bedrooms, for example apartment with 2 bedrooms, apartment with 3 bedrooms etc.

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Apartment advantages

Living in an apartment has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Reduced cost. Usually apartments are more economic than other types of residence. That means you can live in a central location for less money than if you had bought a detached house.
  • Maintenance. Apartments do not require the same maintenance as a detached house or a maisonette. The owners usually have the responsibility of the maintenance of the building and tenants share costs such as lift maintenance and cleaning.
  • Accessibility. Apartments are usually in the centre of the city, so you have easier access to the market, schools, transport and other services.

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Apartment disadvantages

Although apartments have many advantages, there are some disadvantages to be taken into account.

  • Lack of Space.Usually the apartments are smaller than a detached house or a maisonette. Although, this does not mean that there are no large apartments over 200 m2.
  • Symbiosis. As you live with other people, living in an apartment can be noisier and require more attention to your lifestyle.
  • Lack of privacy. The lack of privacy is for the majority an important disadvantage of the apartments, because you usually share common areas and you can hear everything next to you.
  • Lack of parking space. Especially the old apartments do not have their own parking space and if you are in a densely populated area, you will have a problem.
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If you live in a big city, chances are that it is much easier and cheaper to find an apartment that will meet your basic needs, rather than some other type of housing.
Modern constructions eliminate most of the disadvantages of apartments and an apartment in a good location is always a very good investment choice.

Want to buy or sell an apartment?

The professional real estate agents of our office can help you to sell or buy an apartment, according to your desires, terms, criteria and price.

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